Cleaning Kit

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Petex Cleaning Kit

Introducing the Petex Cleaning Kit for Eyes/Ears – a specialized solution for targeted hygiene care, ensuring the well-being of your pet's eyes or ears. Crafted with precision and pet comfort in mind, this kit offers a gentle and effective cleaning experience to keep your furry friend's sensory organs in top condition.

For Eyes: The eye-cleaning solution is carefully formulated to tackle tear stains, crusts, and residue that may accumulate around your pet's eyes. With a simple wipe, you can maintain a clear and bright appearance, enhancing the overall vitality and comfort of your pet.

For Ears: The ear-cleaning solution is designed to break down and eliminate earwax and debris, promoting good ear hygiene. Regular use of the Petex Cleaning Kit helps prevent common ear issues, ensuring your pet's ears stay clean and healthy.

The kit includes a gentle, disposable applicator that ensures easy and safe application for your pet. Petex understands the importance of targeted care, and this kit allows you to address specific hygiene needs with precision.

Trust in Petex for quality pet care products that prioritize your pet's health and happiness. Elevate your grooming routine with the Petex Cleaning Kit for Eyes/Ears – where specialized care meets ease of use, providing a tailored solution for your cherished companion's hygiene.

Treat your pets to a luxurious and indulgent cleaning experience with Petex Cleaning Kit today.


Complete Care kit

Complete Care kit

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